20 March 2024
Football is nothing without fans

English football is admired across the world and the sport its central to our national life. Football clubs form part of the lifeblood of Bracknell Forest and Berkshire. However, as we have seen recently with proposals for the European Super League or the troubles at @Reading Football Club and other clubs, not every owner has the interest of their club’s fans at heart.

That is why I have campaigned for the Government to introduce the Football Governance Bill, creating a new Independent Football Regulator to give fans a genuine voice, and ensure their interests are front and centre.

The Regulator will give fans a greater say in the running of clubs, including over key football heritage like club names, badges and kit colours. It will have comprehensive powers to safeguard fans from rogue owners, including requiring that fans are consulted on off-field decisions, being able to block rogue owners from owning clubs and requiring owners to have approval before relocating a stadium.

These measures are being taken after extensive consultation with fans, clubs and the already existing football authorities such as the Premier League and the FA. Whilst the Independent Football Regulator will have the power to take action to protect the interests of fans, will strike the right balance and make sure clubs aren’t wrapped up in needless red tape.

The Conservative Government is sticking to the plan by introducing the Football Governance Bill, making sure that fans are prioritised in the decisions that the club makes, giving them a say in the future of their club and putting fans first to create a brighter future for the game.