Sunderland raises concerns over scope and timing of ICC’s Gaza arrest warrants

James Sunderland raises concerns about the scope and timing of the International Criminal Court's arrest warrants for the Israeli Prime Minister, Hamas leader, and others. He worries that this timing might suggest a moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel, which could harm efforts to end the fighting in Gaza.

James Sunderland (Bracknell) (Con)

There is a danger that the scope and timing of the ICC’s arrest warrants might somehow imply moral equivalence, but it is quite clear that the fighting should stop. What does the Minister think will be the impact of those warrants?

The Deputy Foreign Secretary (Mr Andrew Mitchell)

My hon. Friend makes a most interesting point. This smacks of an unworthy, indeed ludicrous, sense of moral equivalence between a murderous, proscribed terrorist organisation and the democratically elected Government of Israel, who are seeking to protect their citizens and recover their 124 remaining hostages.