Scotland's Balance of Trade with the United Kingdom

James Sunderland MP asked Scotland’s Secretary Alister Jack MP in Commons: “Given the minister’s assessment will he confirm that Scotland’s trade with the rest of the UK is worth more than three times that of the EU.

A Callout for the Second World War generation

A Callout for the Second World War generation

To mark the 75th anniversaries of VE and VJ Day, on the 8th May and 15th August respectively, veterans of the Second World War, both military and civilian, are being asked to register to be part of the nation’s commemorations.

In my view... James Sunderland's First few weeks in Parliament

This has been a fascinating few weeks.  Whilst the learning curve continues to be steep as a new MP, I am delighted to have established an office in both Westminster and Bracknell, finalised my new team, got a good feel for Parliamentary procedure and asked some early questions in the House.  Hav