No child should suffer abuse

It is a fact that during this COVID -19 Coronavirus children are at greater risk of abuse both physically and emotionally.  I was told recently of two very sad incidents against children, one of 11 weeks the other of 8 weeks, who were both subject to physical abuse.  

No One Should Suffer Domestic Abuse - where to get help

We have seen a rise in domestic abuse during this crisis.  There is support available for those who are victims or survivors of domestic abuse.  If you are concerned about your self or some one else please do take action......

Click here for information for help available.

James welcomes testing in Care Homes

James Sunderland, MP for the Bracknell constituency, welcomed the government roll-out of testing for all care home residents and staff.

James at Prime Minister's Question Time - 22nd April 2020

James thanks the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors for their support, and recognising spirit of the British people for their resilience in this pandemic. James also asks the First Minister to confirm what are the essential ingredients to get the whole country through this......

Scammers are out there and they are unscrupulous

Please be doubly sure before you click on or agree to anything. Scammers are out there and they are unscrupulous. Stay safe!

Bracknell Forest Council
Wokingham Borough Council
Bracknell Live
Friends Against Scam